Want to help?

I need to be able to get the projects self sustainable, BUT I am never going to have any advertising or corporate sponsorship, so one way I can do that is have a site
( http://stevehowardsmusic.com ) where I can showcase and sell my music and art. Much of the Peace and Earth music won’t necessarily be for sale, I am more talking the stuff I do on my own that is hopefully positive, but not necessarily about Earth or Peace or various issues, so it’s a different part from these works. To get that site going and be able to have it help me and the projects be self sustainable and self sufficient I have a campaign at  https://rally.org/steve-art-music-website asking for donations that can be ANY amount ($1 or more) and if you donate at least $10 you’ll receive some stuff for free in thanks. The various stuff is free music downloads, a free Skype guitar lesson, free art on canvas.
You can also help just by “liking” the project there and commenting helps a lot (there, not here) as it can help others see it.

Also sharing this with others would be much appreciated.

So please help if you can and know you’re helping someone dedicate more time to encouraging Peace, Sustainability, Rights, Awareness, Creativity and Trusting in oneself!

Contact with questions.

Thanks and Peace,

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Everyone has equal rights

We have lots to deal with here on Earth. Lots of problems. Lots of work to do to keep ourselves from destroying our ecosystems, lots of work to do to keep ourselves from destroying ourselves in war, lots of work to do to shift away from greed and being power mad, controlling, shallow selfish people. Lots of work. Lots of work. And that work will get MUCH easier if we look at all people as equal because once we do that we are looking at the world in a healthy and holistic way because you can’t expect everyone to be equal if there are wars or starving people or abused people and you can’t expect us all to be equal if we don’t have a viable and sustainable planet.
Everyone is my equal. Everyone has the same rights given to them at birth and everyone needs to see everyone as every one.
We’re all in this together, so let’s open our hearts and accept each other and get down to fixing the problems and supporting a better way, shall we?
Thank you.
Thank You!


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Life is not a spectator sport.

Hey folks,

If you want a better world or want to be safer or healthier or anything else you have to be involved in life. You can’t leave it up to others.

As someone said,…. saying you aren’t interested in politics is like a drowning man saying he’s not interested in water.

Everything the politicians do affect you. Everything big corporations do affects you. Ignoring them doesn’t help you, it hurts you.

Saying you won’t contact companies, sign petitions, come up with new ways of doing things, speak up to friends, neighbors or coworkers because it won’t do any good is not only illogical and defeatist, but it’s a cop out. It’s a lie to try to convince others (and maybe yourself) that you have no responsibilities towards what is happening and what will happen.

Your silence is a vote for and is in support of, and for, everything that is happening.

Don’t like what politicians do?

Vote, run for office, support an independent party. Speak up.

I seriously doubt you just sit there if you order a pizza and they either bring you no food or the wrong food.

Well, that’s one stinking little pizza, one meal in your whole life. We’re talking our rights, our environment, our economy, our LIVES and the lives of the future generations.

You are here, so am I. We all are and we all are involved if we like it or not.  So quit sitting on the sidelines and be involved.

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Martin Luther King and us

Martin Luther King mugshot

Photo of MLK one of the times he was arrested for standing for his beliefs and protesting for civil rights and against the war.

On this day 46 years ago a person or persons were involved in ending the life of a man who stood for the exact opposite of what was in their minds and hearts.
The person or persons were full of hate. They were full of fear. They were full of a deep need to try to control things.
Martin Luther King stood for everything they did not want. They did not want people (of any color) thinking all people are equal. They did not want people realizing any problem anywhere is a problem for all of us. They did not want everyone thinking we should and can work together. They thought that change like that would destroy their world.
So they destroyed a man.
A man that did not just sit and think things were what they are so just let it be. No, a man that was willing to look at life … all life, be it beautiful or ugly… and see what is wrong and then figure out what can be done to fix it and then to carry through with it. A man willing to encourage others to do the same.
They saw that, which was enough of a “threat” to them to justify (in their minds and hearts) his being eliminated, but they also saw the real danger which was his belief that love can overcome hate. And it can not be overstated how dangerous that view is to those that strive to keep things as they are, because if people react violently to a wrong or a perceived wrong it is easy to dismiss them as dangerous people and it plays in the hands of those trying to sway public opinion in the direction of supporting the status quo, but if people strive to open others hearts, instead of reacting with a head on conflict, the people wanting change can win those hearts and change things. And that was the danger of Martin Luther King.
So they destroyed him.
Or, I should say they destroyed his body.
Those with hate, fear and a desire to control can not triumph through their tactics and those tactics can never be of the heart as they are contrary to what the heart is built for which is love, which is concern for others and which is capable of living on long past when a body dies.
Much of what King believed, felt, thought and worked for created much positive change, but there is still much to do and the only way we can honor him and the millions of people either known or unknown that have, are, and will work for positive change is to do what he did. He saw problems and stood up to do what he could and he called on each of us to do the same.
And while he is seen as a “leader” he didn’t want people to require a leader before they stood for what is right. He wanted me and you and everyone for all time to be aware and stand when needed. Stand when needed if it’s convenient or not. Stand when needed if we are scared or not. Stand when needed if we are alone or not.

I pity those that are like whoever all was involved in King’s physical death. They had closed hearts and were full of so much that is the antithesis of what all life should be, but I will not hate them. I pity them and know that there are plenty of those like them today and if I fill myself with hate they have won. I will not let that happen. I will work to be aware, I will speak and stand when necessary and I will do what I can to encourage a society that does not build people that hate and have no value on other’s lives. We all need to do that in every aspect of society. Every nook and cranny. In sunlight and the deepest shadows of the world including the worst places on earth and that is in a heart full of hate.

People can change.
Now, that is not to say they should be allowed to run around doing any harm they want unchallenged … the complete opposite should be done and any and all nonviolent challenges possible need be done to protect life, but the goal is to change them and all others like them, to open their hearts and to have a world where people don’t go to a place of hate and fear and unquestioning order following in the first place.

People can change.

The man that wrote the song “Amazing Grace” had been a slave ship captain.
It is hard to find a lower more despicable way to view what one is allowed to do to others. It is sad and pitiful.
But he changed.
He saw his errors and changed.

We all can. None of us are perfect, none are saints and keeping that in mind at all times will help guide us all to a better world.

What King meant when he spoke of seeing what was on the other side of the mountian was that it is there. It is there if we choose to make it happen.

Those poor pitiful misguided souls that were a part of either carrying out or wanting King gone were successful in eliminating the body of a man, but if we choose to carry on what work still needs to be done to change this world into a cooperative, loving place, then they only succeeded in taking a life, which while terribly sad is not the end of a dream and did not and will not in any way stop what they wanted to stop.

Make this world what it should and can be my friends. Don’t leave it up to others. Do what you can.

Peace to One and All,

4 April 2014

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26/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


26) Plant a Tree (OR SEVERAL Trees)

We need trees + you can plant one or more = a better world.


The list of benefits of trees is more numerous to list, but a few are:

– Oxygen…they make it. We breathe it.
– They clean the air of pollutants that we would otherwise breathe.
– They cool the air in the summer which saves you $$$ money on cooling costs
– They slow wind in winter which saves you $$$ in heating costs
– They soak up water which means it helps cut back on flood waters … we have more and more pavement every day, people that live around rivers are getting more water where they are because our water that used to soak in is now running off, so the more trees there are the more they can soak up at least some of it.
– Trees raise your property value.
– Planting trees create memories your kids will carry long after you’re gone.
– They are a home for birds that eat insects that would bother you.
– Fruit trees give you free food which saves you $$$ money.
– etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Try to plant a tree that is native to your area..ones that normally already grow there are set up and adapted to the temperature and climate there and will live longer, plus they won’t be invasive and crowd out other native trees and plants.

You can start trees for FREE from seed very easy (like the maple tree propeller seed things) and lots of times you’ll have some already started in a place they aren’t suitable for such as too close to the house so just scoot it elsewhere being careful not to damage the roots, so dig out a ways from the sprout or trunk AT LEAST as far as the leaves are wide and go down a ways…the main “taproot” that goes straight down is important not to hurt. Check with neighbors, they may have one where they would just mow it down, move it to where it will grow and you’re set.

Don’t be afraid to do this, it’s easy and worth it and you’ll learn more and more and it’s fun.

Trees have been growing on Earth waaaaay before people and they do just fine on their own. Growing a tree can be easy, just follow a few simple guidelines…

Mulch touching the trunk is bad for the tree, it can rot the bark and let insects hurt the tree. Mulch hills like you see, or as some call them “tree volcanoes” are bad because they encourage root growth UP and not DOWN.  Plus a mound like that dries out quicker than flat ground. The people that make money from mulch want you to do it, but it is NOT good for the tree. Check with the Arbor Day Foundation if you don’t believe me and they know more about trees than a store or a guy or company that wants your money and will say anything (either through greed or being misinformed) to get your money.

Other than that, choose a native species tree, don’t plant it too near a building or under power wires if it’ll get big, put a fence or something around it so no one steps on it or runs over it with a mower. If you have deer around you may need more than just a little wire fence.
Don’t worry about making a huge hole and amending the soil, just make a hole, put the seed in or if it’s already started put the tree in with roots down and with soil at the same level as it looks like it was originally, maybe use crunched up little branches or chips or a LITTLE mulch NOT TOUCHING the trunk of the tree, water it a bit (don’t drown it, you don’t have to soak it a bunch every day, just don’t let it completely dry out for days) and step back and watch it grow!

Most will make it and if it doesn’t just plant another (and another and another and another…)

Avoid using chemicals and chemical fertilizers, as I said trees were just fine before we came along, they know how to live without our help. Just protect it until it’s bigger and enjoy it!

Also enjoy the fact that you’ve helped the whole Earth and ALL people by planting a tree.


I have a site TreesAreLife.org that mentions the same stuff I said here and it is where you can list a tree you want or have to share, but basically you can just decide to do it, share ones you see need a better place to grow and encourage others to do the same.

Read up about specific types online or at the library and always keep in mind that while it is not always the case, some of what you may be told by people profiting from what they say (people selling mulch, fertilizers, etc) may not always be the best for the trees.

Thank you for caring about trees and wanting to help them and us all!


Thanks and Peace,

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Be who you are, not what society tells you to be.

A friend shared this video on facebook and I watched it, shared it on my page there and added what I wrote below on the page here.

We can apply what she’s saying to every aspect of life. Every person, every issue, everything good that we need to nurture and everything bad that we need to move beyond.
I’m not going to list what you should care about because you’re you. You decide. But I will do everything I can to encourage you (meaning everyone and that includes me) to allow yourself to care and allow yourself to trust your voice and allow yourself to speak up, stand up, work for positive change, do something, act upon it and make this a better world.
We have the power. And there are people and animals and trees and oceans and everything on, above and below and a part of Earth that needs us to throw off the “rules” of going along with things as they are and “rules” of staying quiet and “rules” of when we are allowed to speak of things and “rules” of how we live our lives and “rules and rules and rules” which should have zero power over us but due to conditioning we let them have power over us.
Well it is now officially time to ignore those “rules”, they aren’t valid any more.
They don’t apply to you any more.
We need a loving, sustainable world of Peace.
Let me say that again.
We need a loving, sustainable world of Peace.
And it is achievable.
We just need to make a decision that we are not merely a cog in the machine, We are not automatons.
There are many philosophies one can live by and mine may differ from yours but when there are those that actively encourage having as the goal in life is to follow what others tell us is right, for individuals to be forced to be silent on things that matter and to hold the status quo up as something not only to be defended but admired and forced upon others is not a philosophy, it’s a limiting of potential. Potential of the individual and potential of society. It’s sick, it’s sad and it’s obviously not healthy.
I am determined to live to see a day when it matters not one single bit what color a person’s skin is, what age they are, what way they connect with their Creator or if they don’t believe in any higher power, what sex they are, if they are gay or straight or married or not or tall or short. I am determined to live to see a day when it matters not one single bit if a life is human or not. I am determined to live to see a day when life is celebrated. All life. That humans realize Earth is so many interconnected systems that we have to look upon Her as a living being if we look from the angle of spirituality or science or any other view, and that we treat Earth as we treat all the other life I mentioned and any I didn’t mention.
So please, listen to what she says in that video. She says much in a short period of time, but one important thing is she makes it clear that we empower others. She’s talking to a group…but that group is made up of one person and another one person and another one person. There is no such thing as a group. A “group” is but one and another and another.
You are one person.
I am one person.
We can change everything needing change my friends, everything.
Ignore anyone that tries to mold you into something that isn’t what you are, even if that voice trying to control you is from inside and it comes across as self doubt.
You, your concerns, your voice is important.
And that is the only “rule” you have to remember.
Be true to your spirit.

Peace to All,

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25/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


  • 25) Spend some time with your kids.

Take a few minutes or an evening or a day and spend it with your kids. Preferably without phone and other gadgets to interrupt your time.

It can be time you do something focused on something positive, like plant a tree,  or something focused on nothing…just sit and talk or play.

And while I said preferably without gadgets, if you do happen to watch something on tv with them, a comment here and there about what is going on in the show can be powerful and helpful for long after you’re gone.

My Mom and Dad would occasionally toss in an observation like “that guy shouldn’t have done that” or “he should have held the door” or “she should apologize” or “That was very good of them to do that” and those things stuck with me. Everything that goes in us affects us. Being reminded in a nice casual way to be caring, polite, responsible and so forth can be a major part of what we become.

So don’t pass up the opportunity to teach even if it’s when watching some show with your kids.

Take a few minutes or an evening or a day and spend it with your kids. It may be something they remember more than expensive toys, vacations or events. I know those “little” moments mean more to me now than any Christmas present that was under the tree.


Thanks and Peace,

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24/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


  • 24) Save energy (and $$$ ). Some ways are as easy as can be.

There are many ways to save energy, some are very simple, while others take a little more effort, some cost no money to do, others may require putting out some money up front.

— The simplest is just to turn off things you aren’t using.
— Turn off the tv if you aren’t watching it.
— Turn off lights when you leave the room.
— Let in window light and turn lights off even if you’re in the same room.
— Turn off the computer overnight. The old worry about leaving a computer on being better for it is long gone, hard drives aren’t like they were, so turn it off overnight.
— Don’t leave phone charges and other adapters plugged in when not in use.
— Have a power strip (multiple outlet adapter) with stuff like your tv and phone chargers plugged into it and switch it off when not in use. Many things use power even when turned off and having a power strip you can click off stops that energy drain.
— Close curtains to keep direct sun out on hot days, that will keep your house cooler and save cooling costs.
— Don’t leave the fridge door open when turning to do something else.

So, there are a few, they may not save you a huge amount of money but they will save some and a couple of the benefits of everyone cutting back means cleaner air and water for all of us because of less energy usage.

If you want to know several things you can do with some saving a LOT of $$$ you can wander over to this site I found http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/   and the guy has a ton of info and charts of what saves how much and other resources including how it all works and what various terms mean.

Whatever you do, remember it all helps and just start using and encouraging the mindset of always taking into account what you do, how what you’re doing affects others or energy use or whatever and then take that further and think “how can I help?” and that gets more automatic the more you do it.


Thanks and Peace,

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23/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


  • 23) Don’t judge, instead think…what if that was me…

When you know of someone that does or says something mean, selfish, shortsighted or just plain unacceptable or you totally disagree with them don’t judge them.

Now, I am not saying turn a blind eye, nor am I saying accept what they are doing, not saying that at all. You may have to speak up or even act in some way to keep someone from getting harmed. What I am saying is don’t judge them as being less than you or not as good or that they aren’t worth of compassion.

Instead, try to picture if that was you….
Now obviously it is impossible to know all the factors that affect a person, all the things that make them act and think the way they do and your guess may be substantially wrong, but try to think if you had grown up in their home, in their neighborhood, with their parents, had gone through what they did would you possibly be like them?

For example, let’s say you are a person who does a lot to promote Peace, you work on being Peaceful, you learn about issues and try not to support anything that is counter to Peace, you vote for candidates that stand for Peace, you refuse to work for or buy from companies that profit from Peace, you write about Peace —- you do what you can to stand for Peace.  And then let’s say you know someone or meet someone who just loves the military and who won’t even accept any talk or ideas that anyone in the military has ever done any wrong. They think all talk that is at all critical of anything related to the military is traitorous even if the person pointing something out has rock solid facts even backed up by the government.

Instead of you looking at the other as ________ (whatever terms one may use about the other) you could look at them as a product of their environment. Just because you for whatever reason stand for what you stand for and even if you could prove it’s the most logical and beneficial to the country, the world, the whole Earth, does not mean that you would have believed what you believe without various factors in your life and experiences being what they were. If things were different (say, if you had military people in your family for generations, or you had seen someone you knew was military stand up for or protect someone in your family from a very dangerous situation when they were home on leave when you were a small child, or you had a family member in the military and they had been injured or tortured by “the enemy”, or any of a million other scenarios).
If those things were in your life experience, could it be that you would be the one wanting people to unquestioningly “support the troops” ?
Is it at least possible?

The same thing goes for all talk and all behavior that you may not like or agree with. Yes, there are plenty of times you need to speak up or act, but there are also plenty of times you need to try to understand how that person became what they are before you try to get them to see a different view.

Your mental movie of their life will be somewhat wrong and probably drastically and almost laughingly wrong, but at least you’re looking at it from the direction of HOW this other person believes what they believe as opposed to WHAT this person IS.
What they are is a person.
What you need to do for yourself and this whole world (which includes this other person) is not go running around judging people. It not only solves nothing, but creates more problems.

Approach anyone with a “I know better and you are not caring enough/smart enough/enlightened enough” attitude and you have just created a wall between you and them. A wall that wasn’t there until you caused it by judgement.

Not judging and trying to think what if you were them can be helpful in two main ways.
One is it keeps you from building “levels” where one person is above another. That is negative thinking, it’s limiting and it’s ego driven even if you think it isn’t.
Another benefit is it opens the door to you being able to possibly understand what makes people act like or talk like or believe certain things and if it’s truly harmful and is something we need to move our society away from then you may be able to help make that happen since you see it from a different more understanding way.


Thanks and Peace,


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22/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


  • 22)  Be thankful.

Being thankful for what you have is beneficial in numerous ways.
One is it is encouraging the ability to not fall into the trap of thinking that if we run out and buy this or that, or if we own this or that, we will be happy. That mindset is focused on something outside of ourselves, it’s focused on many negative things, and it’s often connected with the “keeping up with the Joneses” … it revolves around competition and worry about what others think of you.
Another way being thankful helps is it focuses on now. It is way too easy to start thinking that we’ll be happy tomorrow. Well, why will tomorrow be more full of happiness and why should we wait to be happy?
Another way it helps is it can encourage the awareness of where things come from and what the true cost (not just money) of everything is. It can lead to looking at what effect we have upon other people’s lives and the Earth itself.
Another way is it is an intentional thing…to be truly thankful can and should be a 24/7 thing, but stopping and thinking, meditating, praying or saying “I am thankful for … ” is a set intention and obviously beneficial.
There are other benefits. What ones come to your mind?
Think about it and if you would like, share your thoughts as a comment here by scrolling down and leaving a reply.

Be thankful.


Thanks and Peace,

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