Wonder what SoundsLikePeace.org is about ?

SoundsLikePeace.org is in existence to bring people together so that along with other things we can create and share music and art to spread Peace, Tolerance, Beauty and Awareness to the world.

The music part of that is being done in various ways anywhere from worked out studio recordings to spontaneous improvised jams/songs that are posted on SoundsLikePeace.org and/or released in various ways. Some with people getting together in the same room, others collaborating over a distance.

The Poetry, Photography and Art part are being added to the project site as we can.

And a large part of this dream is to build community and bring people together. That will be done in many, many ways. One thing we will be doing soon is planting some trees, the group has a membership with Arborday.org and they will be sending 10 trees for fall planting. Either people involved will plant them or we will find homes for the trees.

As time goes on those types of things will be mentioned here and we encourage you and everyone to do the same along with anything else you can think of….we are all in this together so if you pick up litter, plant a tree, help someone in your neighborhood, create art and music, pray, meditate, feed people, help animals or anything else with the intention of raising positive energy and helping get us on a path where we are connected and live in a deep, simple, conscious and caring manner towards and with all life and all Earth then we will be doing what we should—together.

Thank you to everyone that cares, to those that don’t yet but will, to the Creator and the Spirit of Love and Compassion that will lead us all to Peace.



*UPDATE will be added soon (it is now 1 Jan 2014), a LOT is planned, much more than listed above or on the site linked to above. If you want to be involved or help in any way please contact me. You can also watch a short video and read more at http://soundslikepeace.org/wordpress/?p=293

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