Declaration of Earth Rights

These online translators may not be perfectly accurate and I can’t vouch for them, but can be used…

A friend of mine on facebook … Suzanne Daley… and I have started this and in her words…

  • “If you had to put a ‘universal law’ or two (or more) into a ‘Declaration of Earth Rights’ (that covered the rights of the planet, all folk and animals that share it, nature, the greater whole if you like) what would they be….” 
  • So just scroll down the page to where it says:

    “Leave a Reply” down at the bottom of the page
    and add what you want

We will compile these in one place as it builds (probably here and mirror it elsewhere), for now it is here and where she started it on facebook with comments on a picture post and as an “event” I will have on facebook. Please put a little thought (and heart and spirit) into it and add a few things you think should be included. I moderate the comments just to eliminate spammers, but I won’t censor with the exception of language that may need being changed to things like **** so please keep it civil and family friendly and I won’t have to do that.
And please keep in mind we may have differences on some of these things that we list but this is not a debate, this is a list of what people want in a Declaration of Earth Rights, so while discussing it is good, the main idea is to put out there what we believe is important. If you disagree then fine, just list what you feel is important.

Your comments/suggestions for the Declaration will show up within a day or two after I am able to check them.

Please also share the link for this around to one and all, family, friends, everyone!

Declaration of Earth Rights

*Note – I did find a few things along these lines elsewhere after we started this, so after being a part of this please search out and be a part of anything else that focuses on Earth and rights, etc.

Thanks and Peace,


6 Responses to Declaration of Earth Rights

  1. Steve says:

    Limiting this to just a few things for now I would say:
    1) We all take time to look at our behavior and habits, our lifestyles and our business practices and all the things that we do, our society does and our countries do and how that impacts earth and all life not just short term but long term.
    2) We move to sustainable practices and do not have any government support for anything but those practices.
    3) Individuals and corporations will ALL be fully responsible. I understand that a huge percentage of people today (October 2012) must drive cars, have food shipped to them, use natural gas and use electricity made from non renewable sources…those we need to obviously move away from, when I say responsible I am meaning moving away from AND when unnecessary (such as for profit when other ways would be available) damage, spills, etc happen the costs, labor and everything else to fix as much as possible the problems created are upon those responsible. If it is a company or corporation there is no shielding or limiting of liability.
    1) No clearcutting of forests
    2) Any and all forests or jungles that have been clearcut or used must be replanted with native trees and undergrowth
    3) No genetic engineering or modifying of the genetic codes of any animals or plants.
    4) Reusing and Recycling is to be required by law to the furthest extent possible.
    5) No new buildings when any that would be of the appropriate size are already available.
    6) No demolishing of buildings unless structural damage or other problems make it impossible or dangerous to use.
    7) No landfilling of any organic material such as lawn clippings and so forth.
    8) All cities/municipalities/towns/townships must have recycling centers and proper hazardous waste collection areas and composting open to all for free.
    9) All parks/natural areas and the like are for preservation, not development or any use that can damage. That includes but is not limited to no new roads, no logging, no drilling, no fracking, no dumping, no snowmobiles, no hunting, no atvs and so forth.
    10) Any new developments must have a revolving independent citizen review board and environmental impact studies and must have a community garden area, sidewalks and bike paths and mass transit.
    11) War is now illegal. Defending is to be voted upon by all the citizens of that country and any use of force not deemed in defense by a revolving citizen run group of all nations (with no nations having veto power) will result in the leaders of that country, the leaders of that country’s military and leaders of that country’s military weapons, material and logistics suppliers jailed for life.
    12) Clean water, air, basic housing and basic food and health care must be available to all. That may seem off topic slightly but is not at all, the safety and welfare of all on Earth is at risk when people are not safe…wars arise, unsustainable practices are used to get resources etc. Earth will not be healthy until we all area healthy.
    13) Schools must include courses on sustainability and responsibility.
    And I’ll stop there for today.
    Peace to All.
    Peace on and With Earth.

  2. Mark Burwinkel says:

    Our economics will be cooperative, it will encompass ethics, morality, full employment, a living wage and empathy for Mother Earth and all beings of the earth thereof. Since we are in a universe that has effect on the earth and her beings all that applies to the earth economically, applies to the universe we know, that extends to the universe we don’t know, all creation. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will be formulated to include both the benefit attained from a resource and the loss and harm from using the resource. Any harm caused obtaining the resource will be resolved to the satisfaction of the local community.

    There is a ban on clear cutting forest. There is a ban on using tree fiber for paper products. There will be regional forest councils to advise appropriate tree use, sustainable harvest techniques and non-tree fiber sources. Any bans on hemp are abolished.

    Reduction of waste goals will be established, with the eventual goal of zero waste. Hazardous waste will be properly neutralized, goals will be set to reduce Hazardous waste, with the eventual goal of zero waste.

  3. Eriyah Flynn says:

    Humanity will recognize social justice without the blindness and disconnect of speciesism and carnism. In simple terms, humanity will recognize the sentience of other earthlings and in doing so, live vegan. All policies will be guided with an ethical, vegan, eco-centric compass instead of disconnected, discriminatory ego-centric compass.

  4. Alexander says:

    It is time to cut military funds (especially foreign intervention funds), and start some sustainability education programs/training for young adults and children. Innovations in local water maintenance, soil & ecosystem recovery, renewable energy, and minimal transportation can only happen when individuals such as ourselves understand how to properly integrate sustainability into our societies. If possible, schools need optional public curriculums that can help teach students specific optional skills to combat today’s problems. Today, current USA public school curriculums are basic (general), test score driven, irrelevant, centralized, and do not teach students important hands on skills that they can use in their lives. In circumstances like these, sustainability is incredibly important for new generations to understand. It is time to help kids learn important skills rather than useless facts- highschool dropout

  5. *Note* I am adding my comment here onto what Alis ~ Itlatol had posted to mention that the link below is to an external Declaration not compiled here, I am just mentioning that so anyone reading this doesn’t confuse that with this ongoing one. Please visit that one and also add your suggestions of what to add to this one.
    —Thanks and Peace,
    Steve (administrator of the site and blog)

  6. Debbie Peacemaker Bassett says:

    I think we are guests on this planet and as such should remember that NOTHING belongs to us. All food, water, housing, clothing, ect. should be community property and shared among everyone. Share everything equally and no one should go without. Love everyone as family because that is what we are. There is only ONE RACE and that is the HUMAN RACE. Peace and Love to all people!! I hope this made sence ;).

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