will be updated, so is redirected to this blog

The site ( that this blog is a part of needs a lot of updating and so I decided to just take it offline and have it redirect here.

There was just too much outdated info (such as info on solar, etc, etc) that needs updating but I haven’t had a chance to redo it, so for now we have this blog which has a decent amount of good stuff and I will rebuild the main site as soon as I can.

I ask anyone visiting to check out a good site that is updated often and has info on solar, wind, geothermal, how to move away from fossil fuels, alternatives to oil based plastic, info on rights, dealing with Trump’s immigration and travel bans and many, many other issues and helpful info. 

Also feel free to wander around here, but is a site I think everyone should see.

Contact me if you’d like.

Be good to one another. Help all life. 


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