Vegan friendly locations in the greater Cincinnati area

Thought I’d share this. I’m not connected to the site I have this link to, but I get a newsletter from them and it had a list of Vegan friendly places (mostly restaurants) in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area and thought I should share it here. If you’re from another city please either find a list or make one and share it with others.

Vegan friendly means they either serve all Vegan or Vegan and non Vegan food, so if they do have some Vegan it’s considered “Vegan friendly”

The newsletter says they will be updating the list around 3 times a year and to drop them a line if you know of any places that should be added to the list.

*NOTE* Please remember to contact THEM at the site this link goes to and not me, I am not part of their site.

When you go there as of now the list is part way down the home page in the middle.

Thanks and Peace,

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