Plant a tree and be involved

Hey folks, this planet could really use more trees! I won’t go into all the benefits as they are many, but plant one or more please (native to your area and where they can live, for example don’t plant an oak tree in a tiny place).

And secondly, please be involved in life. Be aware. Look for things to fix or that could be done better so they don’t need fixing. That can be picking up trash to making sure something doesn’t cause a problem like garbage left where it can blow away. Help people. Speak up about things that matter. Quit supporting companies and corporations that damage the environment or use their money to get what they want from the government which means they are destroying our representational form of government.

Just be aware and do something, there is so much talk that things need to change  but so few who actually do anything.

Don’t sit around expecting someone else to fix things, it’s YOUR responsibility just as much as everyone else.¬† Don’t wait for some well spoken “leader” to come along, it’s up to you.

I don’t like the term “activist” because that implies the work for change is left up to certain people, but for the sake of getting across the point, YOU have to be an activist if you want change. It’s either work for change or watch the environment and everything else go down the drain and I seriously doubt all the generations to come think you have the right to be so selfish.

Get aware and get active.

As Alice Walker said: “Activism is my rent for living on this planet”


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