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I need to be able to get the projects self sustainable, BUT I am never going to have any advertising or corporate sponsorship, so one way I can do that is have a site
( http://stevehowardsmusic.com ) where I can showcase and sell my music and art. Much of the Peace and Earth music won’t necessarily be for sale, I am more talking the stuff I do on my own that is hopefully positive, but not necessarily about Earth or Peace or various issues, so it’s a different part from these works. To get that site going and be able to have it help me and the projects be self sustainable and self sufficient I have a campaign at  https://rally.org/steve-art-music-website asking for donations that can be ANY amount ($1 or more) and if you donate at least $10 you’ll receive some stuff for free in thanks. The various stuff is free music downloads, a free Skype guitar lesson, free art on canvas.
You can also help just by “liking” the project there and commenting helps a lot (there, not here) as it can help others see it.

Also sharing this with others would be much appreciated.

So please help if you can and know you’re helping someone dedicate more time to encouraging Peace, Sustainability, Rights, Awareness, Creativity and Trusting in oneself!

Contact with questions.

Thanks and Peace,

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