Everyone has equal rights

We have lots to deal with here on Earth. Lots of problems. Lots of work to do to keep ourselves from destroying our ecosystems, lots of work to do to keep ourselves from destroying ourselves in war, lots of work to do to shift away from greed and being power mad, controlling, shallow selfish people. Lots of work. Lots of work. And that work will get MUCH easier if we look at all people as equal because once we do that we are looking at the world in a healthy and holistic way because you can’t expect everyone to be equal if there are wars or starving people or abused people and you can’t expect us all to be equal if we don’t have a viable and sustainable planet.
Everyone is my equal. Everyone has the same rights given to them at birth and everyone needs to see everyone as every one.
We’re all in this together, so let’s open our hearts and accept each other and get down to fixing the problems and supporting a better way, shall we?
Thank you.
Thank You!


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