4 Days of songs need to be added…


So as I mentioned in the last post (please read that for details) I have to catch up on mixing down and uploading the songs from the last Saturday Music for Peace! Meetups. Well, now it is 4 days we got together and the music is waiting to be available for a listen.

I will try to get at least one of those uploaded within a day or two. If you read this past early March 2012 hopefully this all means nothing as I am up to date on all the music.

Even though that part of the music is running a bit behind, that doesn’t mean the music isn’t a priority, it means the opposite…that the music is keeping me nice and busy, so stay tuned and send in any music or art or poetry you’d like on the site or want to contact with questions, comments, ideas or to see if we can collaborate on something together go to SoundsLikePeace.org.

Thanks for stopping by.

Let Peace grow in your heart and share it with others.

Thanks and Peace,



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One Response to 4 Days of songs need to be added…

  1. Steve says:

    Uploaded one days worth, so we’re down to only 3 weeks worth needing to be added. Peace.

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