365 easy things you can do to help the world!

365 easy things

Hi All!

UPDATE…This post is in 2 parts,

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  • 2nd and below that in this post will be the whole long list of headlines and details.

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—- So,  “365 easy things you can do to help the world!” are ………

– Clickable headlines:
1) Stay positive!
2) Hold a door for someone or …
3) Pick up one thing that shouldn’t be where it is …
4) Stop delivery of junk mail and ads and tell advertisers/delivery people to be more responsible with delivery.
5) Turn off the tv.
6) Do you really need whatever you’re going to buy?
7) Forgive someone (including yourself)
8) Cut back on packaging.
9) Properly inflate the tires on your car or truck.
10) Be Creative!
11) Try something Vegan or share something Vegan
12) Notice Beauty.
13) Read a book or watch a DVD about some injustice.
14) Skip using the clothes dryer.
15) Be ready to help an animal.
16) Buy Local
17) Help someone if it’s cold (or not cold).
18) Move your money to a local Credit Union and away from big banks.
19) Insulate your home, apartment or business.
20) Help elders.
21) Trust your voice and USE IT!
22) Be thankful
23) Don’t judge, instead think…what if that was me…
24) Save energy (and $$$ ). Some ways are as easy as can be.
25) Spend some time with your kids.
26) Plant a Tree (OR SEVERAL Trees)

– Full post of each, headlines and details:

  • 1)  Stay positive! And when I say stay positive I do not mean to ignore reality or to convince yourself it’s all ok and can be ignored….

What I mean is refuse to look at it all as too much to deal with. Refuse to subscribe to the “it’s too late” or “I am only one” way of looking at things.
Be aware not only of what needs change, but that you CAN change some of it. You CAN speak up. You CAN do any of a million things and when you realize that there are 7 billion other people that can do the same you will probably come to the conclusion that we all have power, we are not helpless, we are not under control of forces that can not be dealt with.
7 billion people can decide to Peacefully do things to change the world, 7 billion can decide that, but the only thing you have to make sure to do is YOU decide to stay aware, stay positive and do something.
The only thing holding you back is you.
Your decision to be a spectator or an active participant in the shaping of our world is what it all hinges on.
So, sit for a minute, take a nice deep breath, calm your mind and tell yourself that you will stay positive and do what you can.
And then do it.

  • 2)  If you’re at a store, hold a door for someone or reach up to a top shelf for someone that obviously can’t reach something well or if you’re heading in and someone in the parking lot is finishing unloading their cart, tell them you can take it back for them.

Those things can mean more than it seems. Later in the day they will not be able to say “no one cares” or “no one helps anyone” and not only will their mood be better, but they will then be more apt to help in some way.

  • 3)   Pick up one thing that shouldn’t be where it is. A piece of paper blowing around, a plastic bag, a battery, a can…whatever.

Then properly dispose of it (unless it can be reused) by either recycling it or throwing it away or if it needs special attention (like taken to a place that disposes of batteries or other toxic stuff) then do what should be done with it.

I do that all the time, you can keep a box in the trunk of your car or whatever. Every day I see at least one thing and it is very little effort to do something about it.
Multiply that by 7 billion of us doing that and we have not only a clean, but a safer world too!
But even if no one else does it, know that YOU can and that it DOES make a difference.
You can find mixed in with the other useful links some places that show where and how you can recycle and properly dispose of things at this page:
Just scroll down through the page, there’s bound to be something that you’ll find helpful. Please also share with me anything that should be added there.

  • 4) Stop delivery of junk mail and ads and tell advertisers/delivery people to be more responsible with delivery.

Below is a link to where you can stop junk mail, and if you see flyers thrown in drives and on the street make a quick call to the co0mpany (number is usually on the plastic bag) and tell them to cut it out and be more responsible. be friendly, but make it clear we can’t live like that just wasting and polluting, it’s irresponsible. Going online and getting off junk mail lists and/ calling about those ads takes but a couple little minutes and can help a lot.

I years ago started getting junk mail and flyers and stuff to stop being delivered to me. Now days and days go by without anything coming here BUT there are places like “Door Store/RedPlum” that deliver ads by throwing them either in people’s drives or in the street. I have called them a number of times and they do nothing. The managers refuse to do anything about the driver flinging them in the street or just by the street and most people either just throw them away or run over them till they disintegrate. That wastes trees (paper comes from trees) that wastes plastic which comes from oil) and it pollutes out water and hurts wildlife (and us).
So….I am going to the township and see what can be done about enforcement of litter laws (throwing something in the street is litter) and we need to make getting any ads an opt-IN, not opt out. Only people wanting ads should get them.
You can do that also tell the stores that advertise that you won’t buy from them unless they tell the delivery people to be more responsible.
Class action law suits can help too…they aren’t going to be quick and easy ways to help like this post is about, but it should be mentioned that it’s an option. Corporations won’t change until they lose sales or face lawsuits which are bad for their public relations.

Here is one place to deal with cutting down on junk mail,
I have that link and many other helpful ones mostly randomly listed at:
Wander there, you’ll find something helpful and as always let me know what to add.

  •  5)  Turn off the tv.
    Unless it’s some show you really like and are actually sitting there enjoying it, turn it off.

I guess a lot of people have either become numb to the droning on of tv’s in the background, but more and more it seems as if people can’t even live without it on.
Well, even if it seems as if it’s not affecting you, it is. The ads, the reinforcing of stereotypes, the reinforcing or consumerism and the reinforcing of not thinking is all going in your head and in your mind and spirit even if it seems as if it isn’t.

If you need something in the background find a good public radio station (without ads), put on a cd or mp3s or something.

And don’t be afraid to not have noise in the background…..yes you may find yourself thinking when you normally might have shut your head off, but it’s not bad to think and one can get used to it,
so just turn off the tv please, the benefits can be huge.

If you’re out at a store or restaurant and no one is paying attention to the blaring tvs ask them to turn it off. If it’s inappropriate content (such as some of what they have where people have children) tell them it’s inappropriate. Or you can even get one of these!

There are times I have been out and there will be some tv on and it is obvious no one wants it on or is paying attention, so I make sure no one is watching it and switch it off. I don’t know how many times people haven’t even notice it and sometimes if you just watch what happens, people talk quieter and actually visibly relax. If it’s not somewhere that people go to watch something and it’s doing nothing more than making people tense and have to talk louder then turn it off.

  • 6) The next time you need something, decide if you really “need” it, and then  decide…

—– Can I just borrow one instead of buying one?
—– Can I get one for free from someone that doesn’t need it any more?
—– Can I buy a used one,  preferably from some place that uses the money to help people (Like St Vincent dePaul, Building Value or other thrift/resale stores)

Check with neighbors or co-workers. So often we just automatically go to buy something when if we really only need it for one time we really can do without buying one.

Some places to check are :
…the Freecycle network
…Building Value
…Thrift stores and resale shops
…Tool rental places
…and there used to be an organization called “Share Some Sugar”,  I think it is not running anymore (but please feel free to check and contact me if it is still around) it was (or is) a great idea…you could share or rent stuff like ladders or whatever. If they are not around any more try to find something like it and/or start something like that where you are!
Plus start or look for barter groups, sharing groups or anything like that.

Those things may sound like I’m overstating it when I list the benefits,  but it’s true…you can save money, help build community, save natural resources, cut down on pollution and more.

  • 7) Forgive someone (including yourself)

Anger and grudges are poison and block progress. Today is today.
Learn from the past but do not let it rule today. Everyone has their own journey, everyone is (hopefully) evolving. Do what  you can with what you have and don’t waste ANY time, energy or life worrying about what someone said or did or whatever.

Forgive someone, including yourself.

  • 8)  Cut back on packaging.

Some things can be eliminated completely such as water bottles. Buy a stainless steel bottle and quit buying water in plastic bottles. They want you to think it’s healthier but much of it is just municipal source (tap water) and even if it is spring water the plastic is leaching chemicals in to it and independent tests have show much of the “spring” water you buy isn’t any safer than tap water even without entering the plastic bottle into the equation. The plastic takes oil to make, energy to make, energy and more packaging to transport then energy for you to buy it and take it home. Buy a stainless steel bottle instead. I’ve carried one around for a few years now and the bottles and cups i have saved would probably fill a room. Multiple that by millions and millions of people.

On things other than water if you really do need to buy something, buy used or if there are multiple choices go with whatever has the least amount of packaging. Look at the waste with some things such as how some companies are for some reason making huge lids on their drinks or other bottles and many are an easy 3 times more plastic than need be for a cap. Don’t buy it and then call them and tell them they lost a sale and why they lost the sale.

And please keep in mind what kids are being taught when we give them something with tons of plastic. That’s a real bad lesson there as it hurts us all and it conditions them to think it’s fine and normal.

Buying something from a local manufacturer or seller can cut back on shipping packaging. If you’ve never worked in or been around any shipping places you may have no idea how much waste there is..picture this…..stuff in boxes comes in from the manufacturer or distributor  wrapped in a bunch of plastic wrap, it is then unwrapped, then the individual boxes may also have plastic on them and need to be unwrapped. That plastic is almost always thrown away, then if it’s a distribution warehouse they may take it out of the boxes, possibly throw away those boxes,  put a set amount of stuff in new boxes, wrap all that in plastic and ship it to the store. The store then throws away the plastic, possibly recycles and half the time throws away the boxes and puts it on a shelf. The a person comes along, buys it, many times does not have their own bag so bag in yet ANOTHER piece of plastic the thing goes, gas is used to drive it home, it is then going in the garbage or recycling bin which leads to more gas used to transport it to the recycle center or the dump.
One little thing gets packaged and repackaged a ridiculous amount of times.

What you or I buy often is less in volume than what was used just to get it to us, so think before you blindly carry on as a “consumer” since (as far as I know) we were born humans, not consumers.

The first step is Reducing, so cut back on it.
2nd step Reuse or Re-purpose,
lastly is Recycle.

  •  9)  Properly inflate the tires on your car or truck.

Obviously driving less saves gas (DUH!) 🙂 but if you do have to drive, one easy, easy thing to do that can help is make sure your tires are the correct pressure.  Stop in a car or tire place and have them check the pressure and match it to what is recommended (which is usually on a sticker on the door frame, like when the door is open right there on the bottom or side of the frame).

According to this site http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2008/04/23/084958.html  back in 2004 Americans wasted 2.8 billion gallons of gas. That means the pollution from that gas, the wasted energy and natural resources to get that gas, and higher odds of oil spills and leaks because we drill for and more more than we need and it wasted your money was for nothing at all. A total waste.

Multiply 44 gallons (which that site says is the average waste) by the amount per gallon in $$$ and that’s money you just threw out the window.

If you don’t care about the money feel free to send it to me, I’ll put it to good use!  But at the least do it because it means less pollution which anyone with asthma, emphysema, cancer or any other disease sure would like!

  •  10) Be Creative!

Being Creative is not limited to the arts such as music nor physical things like dancing or writing, it’s using your mind to look at things from new angles.

All creative efforts are helpful. They tap into imagination, they help us open to new views and ideas and they can help us trust ourselves which is very important for ourselves and the world.

So, write a poem or a song, paint something – or – look at something in your life, your community, society in general or the world that you feel isn’t exactly right and think of a new way. Be Creative in your thinking about what is not right and think of how it should be and what could get that better way to be reality.

Maybe it’s something that you can then do on your own or with others or maybe you can share the idea on social media or with people you know. If it’s a different way of looking at something and if it’s proactive in coming up with a solution, then share it with others. You could be opening a door to a better world and before you know it, the problem could end up being gone.

Don’t doubt the legitimacy of your ideas and views. All change started with someone first noticing a problem, then coming up with a solution…often a novel or creative solution.

So….be Creative.

  • 11) Try something Vegan if you aren’t already Vegan, and if you are, share something Vegan with someone.

Vegan goes beyond just diet, but I won’t bother going into that, just give one thing that’s Vegan a try. Of course the healthiest would be organic non-GMO veggies or fruits or nuts, BUT there’s a whole lot of prepared meals and dishes out now, and they have come a very loooong way in how good the stuff is. Taste and texture is far from what it was, so if you tried a veggie burger in the past please try something different now.

More and more resteraunts serve at least a few Vegan dishes, most large grocery stores have a section in the “healthy” or “natures” section and there are even completely Vegan restaurants now.

If you do go to fix something, it’s just like any cooking which can be easy or complicated. If you want easy, just do an internet search for “easy Vegan dishes” or something like that.

The health benefits (and YES you can easily get all the protein and calcium you need) and the environmental benefits are huge. And of course the lack of the terrible conditions and eventual slaughter of the animals is of benefit to the animals!

So, give one (or two or three) Vegan things a try, I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed and your body, the Earth and the animals will appreciate it!

  • 12) Notice Beauty.

As is said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and beauty can obviously be a flower or tree or sunset, but it can also be an action by someone that you find beautiful or the thought of the miracle of life. So stop and notice beauty, take a few minutes, look at, think about and absorb what is being offered to you  through that flower, that tree, that sunset, that kind act you witnessed or that thought of life.

Make it a natural thing to do that. Incorporate it into your life.
Experience it and feel how much a part of it all you really are.

  • 13) Read a book or watch a DVD about some injustice.

The more we know, the more chance we have at understanding, and with understanding comes the chance at healing and makes us safer from repeating whatever injustice it was.

So, look up something about slavery or genocide, land theft or denial of human rights. It may not be the cheeriest thing to do, but the benefits for you and society as a whole can be huge.

  • 14) Skip using the clothes dryer.

In the winter the extra moisture from hanging clothes inside can be beneficial since the air is dryer in winter and in the summer hang them in or outside.

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy. In most  US households 12% of your energy costs are for your dryer. $1 out of every $8 you give to the energy company is for drying clothes. And that adds up.

This site I found http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/dryers.html has a bunch of info, ways to see how much you spend and some pictures of different things you can use to hang the clothes on inside. More people are moving away from using dryers, please consider doing so. You could cut back your energy use immediately by 12%
And THAT helps the whole world.

  • 15) Be ready to help an animal.

Birds, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, cats, etc sometimes need help. Some are wild, some are domesticated and if they need help, they need help.

So, if you see an injured animal or a stray dog or any animal that may need help, do what you can!

If it’s a wild animal, the FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT THING  is make sure the animal does need help and that you’re not causing more problems. I am not trying to scare you away from helping, but you don’t want to just go grab or chase any animal because you think it’s too young to be on it’s own or something along those lines.

If it’s a stray dog or cat, get it home and look for flyers on telephone polls, check with local vets for reports of missing cat or dog, check with police for reports and keep the dog or cat if at all possible until you get some flyers that are EASILY READABLE like:


and your phone number. Have them identify the dog or cat before you hand it over to them. If you can’t keep it till you find it’s home and you don’t know anyone to take it, find a no-kill shelter.

So, when I said be ready to help an animal, I mean be informed of the basics and have a couple phone numbers that you keep in your car, in your wallet and on your fridge.

The places to call and websites to save and learn from are:

  1.  An emergency vets.
  2. a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.
  3. Anyone you know that may know what to do or can help.Get those ready now.

You can keep a box with a lid in your car, make sure there are air holes.

If you find an animal and you are sure what to do or you call the rehabilitator or vets and they talk to you, just do what is safest and will help the most.

There’s a lot of false information people have…such as birds out of nests. If the bird is a baby and it looks like it did fall and should be back home in the nest the Mom will NOT care about human smell on her baby. She wants the baby safe. She will not abandon it because it smells like you. So being informed is important, either know these things or call or look up some answers. If relying on forums get more than one opinion, get it straight from an expert if at all possible and know that if there’s no one to call and no way to get an opinion just use common sense and do what you can. Don’t just go through life being a spectator.

Here are a few links, please, read up a bit and keep those numbers handy! I’ve taken birds, squirrels, a turtle, dogs and cats to be helped and in doing so I just did what I was meant to. Please everyone, if we all look out for animals (and each other) the world will be so much better, so be informed and be ready to do something. Sure, it may take you out of your way, but you’d want someone to do the same for you wouldn’t you?

Maybe have a box and lid with holes in it or a dog or cat carrier, an old towel or blanket, flashlight, a dog leash and collar and stuff like that.

If around traffic, don’t spook the animal out into the road. Staying calm can help the animal stay calm.

So, look up a couple emergency vets around you, have their number and maybe have them in your GPS.

Find a licensed rehabilitator. Have their number and address in the GPS and your wallet and on the fridge.

Find out who you know that knows about animals.

A couple links and this first one has a lot of good info…

you can also look up your local “second chance wildlife”

I thank you and the animals thank you!

Thanks and Peace,

PS, this post is in honor of Polly, an angel here on Earth who has helped more animals than anyone could possibly imagine.
Thank you Polly, I love you, your heart and your spirit.

  • 16) Buy Local.

In an earlier post I talked of borrowing and buying used, but if you do have to buy something, really try to find what you need from a local store that is not part of a big corporate chain and if at all possible make sure whatever you are buying is not only sold by, but also was made by someone local.

That employs people around you, it saves shipping (cuts back on packaging and resources and gas used), you know you’re not supporting slave labor in a place with bad environmental and labor laws and it can support skills that are not common any more, and that help us stay closer to self sufficient and it helps build community plus if it’s a custom made item it’s a lot easier to deal with the maker of it.

The more we get to know local people the better off we are for many reasons.

So when you go to buy something, check around and try to find someone local to buy it from.

  • 17)  Help someone if it’s cold (or not cold).

It is pretty darn cold out there the day I am posting this (12 degrees Fahrenheit with an expected wind chill in a couple days of negative 11)  and one thing we can all try to do is something like this…
Get a few jars of peanut butter, go to a thrift store and get a few metal spoons, a few cloth grocery bags, a few pairs of gloves and maybe a knit hats.
Make up a bag with a jar of food, the spoon (not plastic, those break), the gloves (bigger is better) and hat and be ready to just hand it to anyone looking like they need it.
Some water is good too, but if you’ll be keeping the bags in your car that may not work well as they’ll freeze.
Along with what I mentioned and whatever else you add, maybe print off on a little piece of paper and include it in there where any local shelters are in your town.

So,…. bag, food, clothing, info and if possible water.

Now, obviously you may come across this when it’s warm, but there are still plenty of people that could benefit from something like a little food and water and whatever else you can spare.
There are countless reasons why people are homeless. Laziness is not one of them. Try sleeping outside in a city. You’ll find it’s not something desirable. They need help for various reasons, many might not be comfortable going to a shelter, and we can’t let people freeze and starve. That’s not acceptable, so please do what you can.

And lastly, food, clothing and shelter are not all of what one needs to live, feeling Love and Compassion are important. Respect is important. Those are people out there, please don’t let their situation change your awareness of the fact that we are all Brothers and Sisters and we’re all in this together.  Thank you.

  • 18)  Move your money to a local Credit Union and away from big banks.

The big banks and financial institutions not only do not care about you nor do they care about your country or your planet, but they are carrying out their deeds with YOUR money. The banks and Wall Street are a huge machine gobbling up our Earth and all who live. They operate above the law and hold way too much sway over what our “representatives” do.  Greed is the driving force. There is no conscience, no feeling of any responsibility whatsoever..they want money and power. Period.

Don’t let them have your money.

Credit unions don’t have to turn a profit, so they are not motivated by the same things the big banks are which is corporate profit.
AND interest you earn is often higher in a credit union.
AND they often are much more apt to lend to local businesses which means local people are employed, plus that means  products locally made are shipped less distance which obviously benefits us all with less resources used for transportation.

Move your money to a local credit union or if not a credit union, at least a local bank.

A few points…

Why You Should Move Your Money?

  • Invest in main street, not wall street
  • End too big to fail
  • Fewer fees, more savings
  • Get more personal service
  • Lend a hand to local businesses

You can find out more and find local credit unions by searching or going here:

  • 19)  Insulate your home (or business).

A lot of  $ money and energy is wasted needlessly when simple and often very inexpensive fixes are available.

If you live in an apartment or rent a house and the owner doesn’t want to make the place more efficient gently remind them it will save them $ money. And same for some workplace you don’t own, remind the owner they will save $. That will probably catch their interest!

You can get an energy audit (often for free) from some local energy suppliers, but you can also just look around your house, apartment or business and find places air leaks through. Those are the simplest. If you do have a number of things that can be improved upon for efficiency you may want to list them in order of how much they save and how much it costs. No reason to spend a bunch of money on one thing when there would be more benefit doing something cheaper.

If you have a professional come in I’d suggest reading up a bit and also getting a few (3 or more) estimates…obviously some people may try to sell you on something that isn’t the top priority or benefit for you because they want to make a profit, so be informed and get more than one estimate.

Houses that are very tightly sealed can build up moisture which can be a problem, so be aware of that.

Here’s a good resource of information at:

And remember, by being more efficient you…save money, are more comfortable, save resources and that means less pollution and you make the world better (or at least you have less of an negative impact) on the world you and I hand over to the next generation. So enjoy doing stuff like this, it helps you and the whole world!

  • 20)  Help elders

There are a lot of older people living alone, make sure they are ok. Many have very limited money, make sure they have food and heat and whatever else they need.

If they don’t have any friends, be one. If they don’t do much, encourage them to be involved in something.

If they are on a limited budget (or if they just don’t want to accept any limitations on their physical abilities due to age) they may cut the grass or shovel snow and that could be dangerous. If it seems as if they are risking their lives doing things like that, offer to help in a respectful way. They may have been mowing the grass or shoveling the snow longer than you’ve been alive and no one wants to even think about not being able to do something they always have done, so be respectful in any offer of help.

If you have a hospice or something like that near you or a nursing home, contact the place and see if anyone there would like a visit.

And don’t ever forget that they have a lot of life experience, learn from them. The wisdom they have should not be wasted.

I just watched a movie on DVD from the library, it’s called “Young @ Heart” and it was very enjoyable and inspiring. In choosing what to add tonight to the “365 things…” post, it lead me to add this post because it reminded me how important it is to keep active and connected with people and many, many elders do not have that in their life. So try to encourage that if you can.
Here is a link to the movie at Amazon, but you could possibly find it at your library or buy it elsewhere.

  •  21)  Trust your Voice and USE IT!

Trust in yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your beliefs. Always be willing to research and look at all sides of every story and so forth, but at the same time never, ever think that you should keep your opinions about things that matter to yourself (unless voicing them hurts someone and would accomplish no good). Never think that your voice isn’t important. Never stand idly by when something should be said or done about a situation or about a statement by someone else. If someone says something and a different or new way of looking at what they said needs to be added to the conversation, do it! If someone says something hateful, speak up so that they and whoever else is around knows that hate doesn’t solve anything, it is not the way to live or treat others and it is not something we want to harbor in our hearts and minds. If someone says something that is not true, speak the truth. If someone says something like “it’s always been that way” or some other thing like that, speak up and show that a lot of things were the way they were before those that cared enough made change happen. Someone may try to silence you by being sarcastic or disrespectful or question your right to speak up. Ignore their attempts to silence you or to distract from the issue. Unless what they say is a verified factual statement that affects what you said, just ignore them. It is their loss that they need to stoop down to that level just to support or do whatever it is they were doing or supporting. Trust yourself.

Whatever the situation, speak the truth (unless it really is not something important and it would hurt someone). It does not matter one single bit if you have money or have none, are old, young, white, black or believe in a specific religion or not,  it does not matter what country you come from or what you look like, it does not matter what sexual orientation you are, what type of music you like, if you work as a cop, a mechanic, a senator or a tattoo artist. It doesn’t matter if your voice is loud and carries or if you have a soft voice. It doesn’t matter if you like speaking in public or you’re scared of it. ALL THAT MATTERS is that you use your voice (which includes any way of communicating, not just by mouth).

If you are afraid to speak publicly I know the feeling, or I should say I know what it was like for me. Standing in a crowd and speaking was NOT something I ever would have seeked out. I still don’t particularly find it the most relaxing thing, but it gets easier folks, and always remember that the reason why you are saying something…the idea, the intention, the issue…that is why you’re doing it. And that reason is bigger than the one individual (you or me). It’s bigger because it’s about someone or some thing that may need help or it’s about a way to view the world or something in a different more compassionate way or it’s about Peace or Rights or it’s about the Truth. Truth is a tangible thing. We carry it in our hearts. People have sacrificed their time, effort, money, relationships and even their very life to bring it forward, protect it and project it.

It is much more important than I am and if we are nervous about speaking we know that we’re not the only ones scared, but Truth (or whatever it is you need to speak up about) needs to be said, spread or protected.

Make a quick mental list of things in the world (local or global) that you feel need to be addressed in some way.

Now, think of how quickly those problems would disappear or the issues would be addressed if everyone spoke up.

Those that want things to stay as they are know perfectly well how powerful the individual and society as a whole can be if  everyone trusted their voice and used it. All of a sudden we would be looking at things in new ways, we would have new ideas and we would see that our actions DO matter, our caring DOES matter and among other things, that will lead to people not carrying out orders or actions just because someone told them to.

Stand up about something and you may not even see or feel any immediate positive effect, but know this and never forget it — you are leading by example. You are giving strength to those even more afraid to speak up than you are. You are planting a seed. A seed that can grow to where no one will be afraid to speak up. A day, a year or 10 years later someone that saw and heard you say “Hey, that’s not right, ….” may stand up and say to their boss, their father in law, their neighbor, the officer with rank above them, their bowling partner, the Supreme Court or some person in a store… “Hey, that’s not right, ….”
and it was because in a seemingly unrelated place and time and about a seemingly unrelated topic or issue YOU spoke up and planted a seed in someone’s mind and heart that it is ok to speak up, it’s ok to trust in themselves and speaking up is required at times and they should do so.

You can see how using your voice is about much more than the one thing you are talking about at the moment. It’s about a better world in all aspects.

There is no way to force others to stand for what is right and speak the truth, but you CAN make yourself do it and that right there is the most important thing in the world – for it’s own sake and for all the things that need a voice raised for them.

So, Trust yourself.
No one is more important than you.
No one is less important than you.
We all have a voice, we have to use it, and to use it you have to trust yourself.

  • 22)  Be thankful.

Being thankful for what you have is beneficial in numerous ways.
One is it is encouraging the ability to not fall into the trap of thinking that if we run out and buy this or that, or if we own this or that, we will be happy. That mindset is focused on something outside of ourselves, it’s focused on many negative things, and it’s often connected with the “keeping up with the Joneses” … it revolves around competition and worry about what others think of you.
Another way being thankful helps is it focuses on now. It is way too easy to start thinking that we’ll be happy tomorrow. Well, why will tomorrow be more full of happiness and why should we wait to be happy?
Another way it helps is it can encourage the awareness of where things come from and what the true cost (not just money) of everything is. It can lead to looking at what effect we have upon other people’s lives and the Earth itself.
Another way is it is an intentional thing…to be truly thankful can and should be a 24/7 thing, but stopping and thinking, meditating, praying or saying “I am thankful for … ” is a set intention and obviously beneficial.
There are other benefits. What ones come to your mind?
Think about it and if you would like, share your thoughts as a comment here by scrolling down and leaving a reply.

Be thankful.

  •  23) Don’t judge, instead think…what if that was me…

When you know of someone that does or says something mean, selfish, shortsighted or just plain unacceptable or you totally disagree with them don’t judge them.

Now, I am not saying turn a blind eye, nor am I saying accept what they are doing, not saying that at all. You may have to speak up or even act in some way to keep someone from getting harmed. What I am saying is don’t judge them as being less than you or not as good or that they aren’t worth of compassion.

Instead, try to picture if that was you….
Now obviously it is impossible to know all the factors that affect a person, all the things that make them act and think the way they do and your guess may be substantially wrong, but try to think if you had grown up in their home, in their neighborhood, with their parents, had gone through what they did would you possibly be like them?

For example, let’s say you are a person who does a lot to promote Peace, you work on being Peaceful, you learn about issues and try not to support anything that is counter to Peace, you vote for candidates that stand for Peace, you refuse to work for or buy from companies that profit from Peace, you write about Peace —- you do what you can to stand for Peace.  And then let’s say you know someone or meet someone who just loves the military and who won’t even accept any talk or ideas that anyone in the military has ever done any wrong. They think all talk that is at all critical of anything related to the military is traitorous even if the person pointing something out has rock solid facts even backed up by the government.

Instead of you looking at the other as ________ (whatever terms one may use about the other) you could look at them as a product of their environment. Just because you for whatever reason stand for what you stand for and even if you could prove it’s the most logical and beneficial to the country, the world, the whole Earth, does not mean that you would have believed what you believe without various factors in your life and experiences being what they were. If things were different (say, if you had military people in your family for generations, or you had seen someone you knew was military stand up for or protect someone in your family from a very dangerous situation when they were home on leave when you were a small child, or you had a family member in the military and they had been injured or tortured by “the enemy”, or any of a million other scenarios).
If those things were in your life experience, could it be that you would be the one wanting people to unquestioningly “support the troops” ?
Is it at least possible?

The same thing goes for all talk and all behavior that you may not like or agree with. Yes, there are plenty of times you need to speak up or act, but there are also plenty of times you need to try to understand how that person became what they are before you try to get them to see a different view.

Your mental movie of their life will be somewhat wrong and probably drastically and almost laughingly wrong, but at least you’re looking at it from the direction of HOW this other person believes what they believe as opposed to WHAT this person IS.
What they are is a person.
What you need to do for yourself and this whole world (which includes this other person) is not go running around judging people. It not only solves nothing, but creates more problems.

Approach anyone with a “I know better and you are not caring enough/smart enough/enlightened enough” attitude and you have just created a wall between you and them. A wall that wasn’t there until you caused it by judgement.

Not judging and trying to think what if you were them can be helpful in two main ways.
One is it keeps you from building “levels” where one person is above another. That is negative thinking, it’s limiting and it’s ego driven even if you think it isn’t.
Another benefit is it opens the door to you being able to possibly understand what makes people act like or talk like or believe certain things and if it’s truly harmful and is something we need to move our society away from then you may be able to help make that happen since you see it from a different more understanding way.

  • 24) Save energy (and $$$ ). Some ways are as easy as can be.

There are many ways to save energy, some are very simple, while others take a little more effort, some cost no money to do, others may require putting out some money up front.

— The simplest is just to turn off things you aren’t using.
— Turn off the tv if you aren’t watching it.
— Turn off lights when you leave the room.
— Let in window light and turn lights off even if you’re in the same room.
— Turn off the computer overnight. The old worry about leaving a computer on being better for it is long gone, hard drives aren’t like they were, so turn it off overnight.
— Don’t leave phone charges and other adapters plugged in when not in use.
— Have a power strip (multiple outlet adapter) with stuff like your tv and phone chargers plugged into it and switch it off when not in use. Many things use power even when turned off and having a power strip you can click off stops that energy drain.
— Close curtains to keep direct sun out on hot days, that will keep your house cooler and save cooling costs.
— Don’t leave the fridge door open when turning to do something else.

So, there are a few, they may not save you a huge amount of money but they will save some and a couple of the benefits of everyone cutting back means cleaner air and water for all of us because of less energy usage.

If you want to know several things you can do with some saving a LOT of $$$ you can wander over to this site I found http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/   and the guy has a ton of info and charts of what saves how much and other resources including how it all works and what various terms mean.

Whatever you do, remember it all helps and just start using and encouraging the mindset of always taking into account what you do, how what you’re doing affects others or energy use or whatever and then take that further and think “how can I help?” and that gets more automatic the more you do it.

  • 25) Spend some time with your kids.

Take a few minutes or an evening or a day and spend it with your kids. Preferably without phone and other gadgets to interrupt your time.

It can be time you do something focused on something positive, like plant a tree,  or something focused on nothing…just sit and talk or play.

And while I said preferably without gadgets, if you do happen to watch something on tv with them, a comment here and there about what is going on in the show can be powerful and helpful for long after you’re gone.

My Mom and Dad would occasionally toss in an observation like “that guy shouldn’t have done that” or “he should have held the door” or “she should apologize” or “That was very good of them to do that” and those things stuck with me. Everything that goes in us affects us. Being reminded in a nice casual way to be caring, polite, responsible and so forth can be a major part of what we become.

So don’t pass up the opportunity to teach even if it’s when watching some show with your kids.

Take a few minutes or an evening or a day and spend it with your kids. It may be something they remember more than expensive toys, vacations or events. I know those “little” moments mean more to me now than any Christmas present that was under the tree.

Thanks and Peace,

  •  26) Plant a Tree (OR SEVERAL Trees).

We need trees + you can plant one or more = a better world.


The list of benefits of trees is more numerous to list, but a few are:

– Oxygen…they make it. We breathe it.
– They clean the air of pollutants that we would otherwise breathe.
– They cool the air in the summer which saves you $$$ money on cooling costs
– They slow wind in winter which saves you $$$ in heating costs
– They soak up water which means it helps cut back on flood waters … we have more and more pavement every day, people that live around rivers are getting more water where they are because our water that used to soak in is now running off, so the more trees there are the more they can soak up at least some of it.
– Trees raise your property value.
– Planting trees create memories your kids will carry long after you’re gone.
– They are a home for birds that eat insects that would bother you.
– Fruit trees give you free food which saves you $$$ money.
– etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Try to plant a tree that is native to your area..ones that normally already grow there are set up and adapted to the temperature and climate there and will live longer, plus they won’t be invasive and crowd out other native trees and plants.

You can start trees for FREE from seed very easy (like the maple tree propeller seed things) and lots of times you’ll have some already started in a place they aren’t suitable for such as too close to the house so just scoot it elsewhere being careful not to damage the roots, so dig out a ways from the sprout or trunk AT LEAST as far as the leaves are wide and go down a ways…the main “taproot” that goes straight down is important not to hurt. Check with neighbors, they may have one where they would just mow it down, move it to where it will grow and you’re set.

Don’t be afraid to do this, it’s easy and worth it and you’ll learn more and more and it’s fun.

Trees have been growing on Earth waaaaay before people and they do just fine on their own. Growing a tree can be easy, just follow a few simple guidelines…

Mulch touching the trunk is bad for the tree, it can rot the bark and let insects hurt the tree. Mulch hills like you see, or as some call them “tree volcanoes” are bad because they encourage root growth UP and not DOWN.  Plus a mound like that dries out quicker than flat ground. The people that make money from mulch want you to do it, but it is NOT good for the tree. Check with the Arbor Day Foundation if you don’t believe me and they know more about trees than a store or a guy or company that wants your money and will say anything (either through greed or being misinformed) to get your money.

Other than that, choose a native species tree, don’t plant it too near a building or under power wires if it’ll get big, put a fence or something around it so no one steps on it or runs over it with a mower. If you have deer around you may need more than just a little wire fence.
Don’t worry about making a huge hole and amending the soil, just make a hole, put the seed in or if it’s already started put the tree in with roots down and with soil at the same level as it looks like it was originally, maybe use crunched up little branches or chips or a LITTLE mulch NOT TOUCHING the trunk of the tree, water it a bit (don’t drown it, you don’t have to soak it a bunch every day, just don’t let it completely dry out for days) and step back and watch it grow!

Most will make it and if it doesn’t just plant another (and another and another and another…)

Avoid using chemicals and chemical fertilizers, as I said trees were just fine before we came along, they know how to live without our help. Just protect it until it’s bigger and enjoy it!

Also enjoy the fact that you’ve helped the whole Earth and ALL people by planting a tree.


I have a site TreesAreLife.org that mentions the same stuff I said here and it is where you can list a tree you want or have to share, but basically you can just decide to do it, share ones you see need a better place to grow and encourage others to do the same.

Read up about specific types online or at the library and always keep in mind that while it is not always the case, some of what you may be told by people profiting from what they say (people selling mulch, fertilizers, etc) may not always be the best for the trees.

Thank you for caring about trees and wanting to help them and us all!
Thanks and Peace,

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4 Responses to 365 easy things you can do to help the world!

  1. Jimie says:

    Always subscribed to the fact that each individual can make a huge impact. Each morning you should awake with the knowledge that You can be the difference.

  2. Maria says:

    I have one to add: Get outside more, studies have shown that spending time in nature is good for your health.

  3. Liz Peryam says:

    Re-establish the ancestral migratory routes of animals.

  4. Karollina says:

    My Birthday wish…Feel free to celebrate and join in where~ever you may be.
    From Now to the 8 July 2014. Let Us create a Higher~Love~Wave. (aka Mexican)
    I would so love if you each can spare a mo~ment or two to care for another being on my birthday. Thoughts of this could be: taking a can of food to your local food bank, having a cuppa with a lonely neighbour, meditating on love for all for a few minutes, cooking your loved one a meal and taking the leftovers to a disabled neighbour, depositing a few coins for charity of your choice, mowing your neighbours lawn who has a large family and has little time for this, saying hello to all you come across today, groom a stray cat that loves your home…
    I would love these days to be special and thankYou. Bless you All 🙂 x0x (8 July)

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