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The site ( that this blog is a part of needs a lot of updating and so I decided to just take it offline and have it redirect here.

There was just too much outdated info (such as info on solar, etc, etc) that needs updating but I haven’t had a chance to redo it, so for now we have this blog which has a decent amount of good stuff and I will rebuild the main site as soon as I can.

I ask anyone visiting to check out a good site that is updated often and has info on solar, wind, geothermal, how to move away from fossil fuels, alternatives to oil based plastic, info on rights, dealing with Trump’s immigration and travel bans and many, many other issues and helpful info. 

Also feel free to wander around here, but is a site I think everyone should see.

Contact me if you’d like.

Be good to one another. Help all life. 


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Vegan friendly locations in the greater Cincinnati area

Thought I’d share this. I’m not connected to the site I have this link to, but I get a newsletter from them and it had a list of Vegan friendly places (mostly restaurants) in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area and thought I should share it here. If you’re from another city please either find a list or make one and share it with others.

Vegan friendly means they either serve all Vegan or Vegan and non Vegan food, so if they do have some Vegan it’s considered “Vegan friendly”

The newsletter says they will be updating the list around 3 times a year and to drop them a line if you know of any places that should be added to the list.

*NOTE* Please remember to contact THEM at the site this link goes to and not me, I am not part of their site.

When you go there as of now the list is part way down the home page in the middle.

Thanks and Peace,

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Stop junk mail and save some trees real easy!

Junk mail wastes trees, wastes the energy to make and print and ship and deliver and then wastes the energy to either cart to the dump (and fills up the landfill quicker) or it wastes the energy it takes to recycle the paper, then make it into new paper, then package it and and ship it.

Obviously the best thing is to stop the stuff in the first place.  The first step is to REDUCE and then Reuse and then Recycle if something is used, but not even making it in the first place is the goal.

Doing these simple things at these sites listed below will dramatically reduce the waste left in your mailbox. You can also just call or email companies that send you stuff and tell them they are wasting their money as you never buy from unsolicited mail. Explain the waste. It can and does make a difference.

Thank you,

Direct Marketing Association opt out:

Prescreened/Preapproved Credit and Insurance Offers:
1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688)

More info here:


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Plant a tree and be involved

Hey folks, this planet could really use more trees! I won’t go into all the benefits as they are many, but plant one or more please (native to your area and where they can live, for example don’t plant an oak tree in a tiny place).

And secondly, please be involved in life. Be aware. Look for things to fix or that could be done better so they don’t need fixing. That can be picking up trash to making sure something doesn’t cause a problem like garbage left where it can blow away. Help people. Speak up about things that matter. Quit supporting companies and corporations that damage the environment or use their money to get what they want from the government which means they are destroying our representational form of government.

Just be aware and do something, there is so much talk that things need to change  but so few who actually do anything.

Don’t sit around expecting someone else to fix things, it’s YOUR responsibility just as much as everyone else.  Don’t wait for some well spoken “leader” to come along, it’s up to you.

I don’t like the term “activist” because that implies the work for change is left up to certain people, but for the sake of getting across the point, YOU have to be an activist if you want change. It’s either work for change or watch the environment and everything else go down the drain and I seriously doubt all the generations to come think you have the right to be so selfish.

Get aware and get active.

As Alice Walker said: “Activism is my rent for living on this planet”


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17/365 easy things you can do to help the world!


  • 17)  Help someone if it’s cold (or not cold).

It is pretty darn cold out there the day I am posting this (12 degrees Fahrenheit with an expected wind chill in a couple days of negative 11)  and one thing we can all try to do is something like this…
Get a few jars of peanut butter, go to a thrift store and get a few metal spoons, a few cloth grocery bags, a few pairs of gloves and maybe a knit hats.
Make up a bag with a jar of food, the spoon (not plastic, those break), the gloves (bigger is better) and hat and be ready to just hand it to anyone looking like they need it.
Some water is good too, but if you’ll be keeping the bags in your car that may not work well as they’ll freeze.
Along with what I mentioned and whatever else you add, maybe print off on a little piece of paper and include it in there where any local shelters are in your town.

So,…. bag, food, clothing, info and if possible water.

Now, obviously you may come across this when it’s warm, but there are still plenty of people that could benefit from something like a little food and water and whatever else you can spare.
There are countless reasons why people are homeless. Laziness is not one of them. Try sleeping outside in a city. You’ll find it’s not something desirable. They need help for various reasons, many might not be comfortable going to a shelter, and we can’t let people freeze and starve. That’s not acceptable, so please do what you can.

And lastly, food, clothing and shelter are not all of what one needs to live, feeling Love and Compassion are important. Respect is important. Those are people out there, please don’t let their situation change your awareness of the fact that we are all Brothers and Sisters and we’re all in this together.  Thank you.

Addition here, a new friend on facebook shared this link, thanks Amy!

Another addition here! Another new friend on facebook shared this, thanks Allison!
(This is for those in Cincinnati Oh, BUT while the specific places may be different,. look into what you have locally)
The weather is going to be dangerously cold this evening. Please continue to spread the word about the Cold Shelter located at the Drop Inn Center (217 W 12th Street.) Doors open at 9 and no one will be turned away. If you see someone who is willing to go to the shelter but does not have transportation, please contact the non emergency police number for the town township that they are located in.

Also, if you see some 17 or under they can go to the Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center at 3330 Jefferson Ave.”

Thanks and Peace,

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