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Poetry and Lyrics
Beauty of the nature,
It's right there,
Just open your eyes,
Tell yourself all is well,
Allow yourself to get lost in admiring her beauty,
Watch the stillness, calm, and feel the serenity,
Leave worries, stress, and hurt to the breeze,

There is so much that is wrong with the world,
But there is much more that is right with the world,
Let us celebrate what is right with the world,
Beauty of the nature is one such right thing,
Appreciate it, value it, venerate it, worship it,
Do something to preserve this beauty,
Don't you want our next generation to fall in love,
with this magnificent beauty and enjoy her as much as you could?

  --- Helios

The Innocence of an animal is clear.

Their truth and beauty are a person's mirror.

As we gaze upon the beginnings of time,

A reflection of their skills we try to mime.

Still, the preservation of this history is greatly needed,

To make sure their lives and lands aren't weeded.

So don't be afraid to learn their way,

And respect the roles they were born to play.

--- Ajanta Dayal


Peace is an ideal that multiplies,
when people start to act dignified,
for the beauty of life whispers for its need,
to march in unity to preserve our breed.
We hunger for its presence when our world shouts hurts,
and throws messages of hate or other insufferable bursts.
We should always search for the salvation of Peace,
to show others its vision that will not cease,
to lead our lives when we dream of betterment,
for justice and love, and for redeeming our human development.

--- Ajanta Dayal


My mind is my canvas
as I paint a portrait in my words.
A God-given palette of hues
stretches forth before my eyes.

The red mist of morning, dripping from the dappled green trees,
hovers ever so gently over the mirror of the stream,
tugging at my senses and filling my lungs,

to cool and rejuvenate my spirit.

Mountains, now starting to cast off the shroud that surrounds them,
beckon me to partake of their grandeur as they rise up from the earth.
The stillness, yet unbroken, fills me with a peaceful solitude,
emptying my mind of the cares and troubles of the mundane world.

Just a touch of the gold now,
shimmering through the crystals of the mist,
starts to spread its blanket over the painting
giving a richness to the splendor laid out before me.

As I sit in my Castle of Wonder, filling my soul with its majesty,
I am drawn to the gnarled roots seeking the water s life.
I can almost hear it being drawn upward, ever upward,
into the farthest tips of the branches.

I can almost see the life beginning to renew itself once again.
What had been barren and desolate
will soon bring forth new hues of hope,
a miracle of rebirth unfolding before me.

I can sit here forever, enjoy it forever,
even as I leave this place of awe.
I can take it all with me wherever I go,
for I have painted it in my mind.

Ed Luksic

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Peace sounds like smiles

--- Murphy
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The Universe in a Flower
The Stars seen through your eyes

You dream of a better tomorrow
It should be no surprise

For in each of us is the power
As long as each of us tries.

---SDH 2012
       ~~ Others ~~

It's not about your money
Your pride, We all despise
For you can only flaunt your wealth...
By touching others' life

It's not about your strength
Your might to fuss and fight
For you are only made so strong...
To shoulder others' plight.

It's not about your looks
For that will fade with age
Your true beauty will only come...
With a smile on others' face.

It's not about your deeds
Beat not your bloated chest
For what's your rate of kudos rave...
In a poll others attest.

Its all about resolve...
A humble crave and thirst
The selfless will to help yourself...
By placing others first.

---Fred Uyi Omorogbe 2012

~~ PreBirth: The Peace Within ~~

The warmth, the calm
The peace within
The eagerness, the push
The wish to live
To share, to love
Together and free
Alas! In tears...
I came to be.

My hopes and dreams...
Way out of reach
The rage, the thirst
For blood I see
To live or die...
Survival spree
Weapons are bound
No food to eat.

The greed of man
To win or kill
The maddening wine;
The racial thing...
This Black... That White
Deceitful Veil...
Same blood... Same frame.

The call and need...
For peace is real
To share and care
We must agree
Together in love
We'll change the world
Just stop to think...
The peace within.

---Fred Uyi Omorogbe 2012

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Wind Chimes And Gifts

I listen to the finches

As they sing busily

Tending to the house

A gift from me

They are in tune

With Daddy’s wind chimes

Carefully made

By his hand

A gift to me

Robins made a nest

In a sled

On my porch

I can watch

The babies crying

When mom and dad leave

Pretending to be starved

They cry hungrily

I placed a small pink ribbon

On top of the nest

Mama weaved it in

A designer touch

A gift from me

My lilies are standing proud

Modeling rich colors

Such pretty girls they are

Nature is the tailor

The humming birds

Say hello as they

Buzz around my head

Feeders are filled

With sweet bug juice

Fat tiny bellies

Happy and full

A gift from me

Daddy’s chimes play

To the rhythm of the wind

The lilies and the birds

Dance and sing happily

They are a gift

Flashy feathers


Sweet smelling


A peacocks display

Doing me proud

While in the wind

They play

---Renee Robinson 2012
Mother earth our blessed land
Rainbow fields & canyons grand
Mountain tips like crystals shine.
Stoic, magic & divine!
Signs are coming from above
We must surround her with our LOVE
Trembling, worn & weary
Open eyes look clearly!!

Center self on sacred ground
Open hearts to hear the sound
Pray for Peace & stop the rage
To bring upon the Golden Age.

---Pam Ela 2012
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