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The world says Peace.
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[Home] [Blog] [Branches] [Music for Peace!] [Poetry/Lyrics] [Art] [Initiatives] [The Word Peace] [Links] [Donate] [Contact]
   If we are to have World Peace, we should know what the word Peace sounds like in as many languages as possible.



   So to do that I am asking as many people as possible from as many countries and regions as possible to send a recording of you saying the word "Peace" and I will put them together and have it possibly to music which I will post in various places such as youtube and here on SoundsLikePeace.org for the world to share and be inspired by. No money will be paid for this but know that by joining together we will inspire the world and move us closer to World Peace.

   The recording quality does not have to be perfect, but if at all possible please try to make sure it is as clear as possible so people can understand you. Also if you are trying to get a good recording of yourself, don't record where there is a lot of background noise.

Along with the recording please include:
1) a short note stating what language and dialect or region you are speaking
2) the spelling of the word
3) state that I have your permission to use it for a compilation of the words possibly to music.
4) and your name or the name of the person saying "Peace" or if it is a large group just the group name they want to go by.

   The recording can be a WAV file or MP3, please contact if you can't send in one of those formats and tell me what kind of file you have and I will make sure I can convert it. If you have friends or relatives that would like to be a part of this also have them record and send theirs in either with yours or seperately. 

   I will include credits and will have someone that speaks each language listen to the recording and make sure it does say the word "Peace"

  You can send the Wav or MP3 files to


*replace the -at- with the normal @ sign*

   For questions or if you have problems with sending or making your recording please use the contact form.

Please share this page around.

Thanks and Peace,



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