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   If you would like to help support the work that is being done through this project donating can help, BUT if you can't afford it of course don't do it, I am only asking those that can help if it is not a burden in any way. The goal of this project is nothing less than World Peace and a Sustainable Earth. There are many branches of the project with some already in motion and much to come. A large part of my focus right now is working on starting an internet tv and radio station (music, interviews, teaching, etc) about and for Peace, Unity, Sustainability, Non-violence, Trusting in ourselves and our voice and being PROactive in dealing with the various issues society and our planet is facing.
   Other branches of the project deal with such things as tree planting and coming soon will be where we help set up a meeting of groups or individuals that may have drastically different views on things with the goal being to just find one common issue that everyone involved can see as needing attention and carrying through with whatever action can help.
   I have worked most my life to affect positive change and have always tried to avoid ever asking for any backing, but upon a lot of reflection I see that my asking people to plant trees, be informed, be vocal, be involved, write, record and share songs of Peace, learn and share can not only be helped by anyone that can make a gift of money, but also the giver can be involved even if they can't for whatever reason be a part of the other parts of the project.

   I want to be able to dedicate as much of my life as I can to anything that will help this world. Suffering must end, fear must end, hate must end and our planet must be maintained. The more we can encourage looking at the root causes of these issues and a proactive involvement in the solutions along with alternatives so that all life can live to it's fullest potential the better.
   Crazy Horse (Oglala Lakota Sioux) once said:
"A great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the Eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky"
   I would hope he would not mind me quoting him here as I look at work for Peace and Earth and Unity as vital to our survival and for me to carry out my vision and be like the Eagle I need help the same as the Eagle needs air under it's wings.
   To that end I am here asking for your help. Whatever you can spare is good  as the projects can grow more with more help. If you go to rally.org/steve-art-music-website you will see that I am working on a site to showcase and sell my music and art (not the stuff on here but different works) so that I and the projects can be self sufficient and sustainable, and that way I can put as much of my life towards positive change as possible. If you have any specific thing you would like to donate in support of (tree planting for example) then just let me know.  
Contact me with any questions. If you would like to be involved in any aspect of the projects feel free to contact me through any of these sites below (which are only  some of what has already been set in motion with updates and much more to come). All are welcome, and if you can help by donating a personal gift then I can devote more and more time to making this a world we can be comfortable handing off to the next generations!
   The project links...
SoundsLikePeace.org (this site)
   The internet tv and radio station that I mentioned will be BroadcastingPeace.tv and I will launch it as soon as I can. The more help I get in all aspects of this the more we can get done.

Thanks and Peace,

Let us promote Peace in every way
from internal to world wide.

Please contact me with any questions.

And remember there are many, many ways to change this world for the better so if you don't feel like you can spare any money then keep it and do whatever else you can.

Thank you very much.

Steve Howard
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