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  Various Art (paintings, pictures, etc) soon to be added.

  If you have any you would
like to have included
please contact.


   In my book Mother Nature (or whatever name(s) you call whomever made all this) is the ultimate artist, so above are a few photos (which I will add to) of just a few things of beauty that surrounds us all.

   What would be wonderful to see is everyone worldwide always noticing these and the millions of other things large and small that so often are overlooked.

                                Everyone is surrounded by beauty and grace...
                                           all one must do is open up to it.

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   This 1st slideshow is of Photos taken by Steven Douglas Howard, others to be added soon. If you want to look at one of the photos, hover your mouse over the bottom left of the photo and you'll see a pause button thing.
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Well, I am finally getting around to adding some art! So here are a couple
and I will add some as close to daily as I can, so check back and also
contact me if you would like any of yours added!
Thanks and Peace,
Annemiek Verras
Annemiek Verras

Peace Artist
Collaborate in person
over the net on songs of
Peace, Earth, Rights !
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