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SoundsLikePeace.org Welcomes you !

    This site and project are in existence to bring people together so that we can create and share music and art to spread Peace, Tolerance, Beauty and Awareness to the world and join together to fix what needs fixing
and be Proactive in nurturing a better way.

   A collaborative journey of expression and the creative flow reaching out and helping to put us on the path to reach our potential of a world that should and can exist as long as we choose to pursue it and let it happen.

   MANY new things in the works ... tree planting is one, also bringing groups together to find a common goal and an internet tv station focused on Peace,
conflict resolution, organic gardening, solar energy
and sustainability among other things.
Check here for a video explaining some of what's
going on, what can be done, how you can be
involved and how you can help and visit
the blog  for some updates!

   We need your input and help in any
of a million ways if this is going to
live up to it's potential! 

   At it's core, this project is a new
approach to bringing to life
Peace and a better world.
All musicians, singers, poets, spoken word artists
and anyone wanting to add any type of art 
(pictures, paintings, etc),
also video editors, people to grow and
plant trees, organizers, teachers.....
EVERYONE.... is welcome.

   If you have any questions or would like to join
with us or would like to be added to our
mailing list containing updates please
contact us.

   Any and all help or ideas are welcome. Donations are needed but NOT required so if you would like to help keep this going and for it to grow to it's potential and can donate please do. If you can't then that is fine.
There are a few ways you can donate, one way is click here or go to this page and there are a few options. Both of those links have a video going in to some detail about the extent of the projects.



Steve Howard
To join, contact or be added to our monthly mailing list
click here or
- at -
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[Home] [Blog] [Branches] [Music for Peace!] [Poetry/Lyrics] [Art] [Initiatives] [The Word Peace] [Links] [Donate] [Contact]
Some other places to find us... Architects of a New Dawn , Care2MyPeace.TV and facebook ,
if you go to those, please add us as a friend!
Be on one of the recordings!
Record yourself saying  "Peace" in your language.... click for details
Please sign Chief Raoni's pétition against the Belo Monte dam project
Collaborate in person
over the net on songs of
Peace, Earth, Rights !
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Collaborate in person
over the net on songs of
Peace, Earth, Rights !